There are so many reasons why we may struggle in relationships or struggle to find healthy connections. Feeling unlovable is an incredibly common love block that comes from having low self esteem. When you’re in this mindset you struggle to find the positives in yourself or find reasons that another person would find you attractive and feel connected to you. Another block is believing that you don’t deserve love. This usually manifests from a lack of self-worth or might result from childhood trauma. If you’ve been hurt before then being afraid of getting hurt again can definitely block you from attracting love. If you’ve experienced trauma, hurt or betrayal of any kind (which many of us have) it’s easy for the walls to go up and for you to start protecting yourself with certain thoughts, beliefs or behaviours that you think serve you. Abandonment fears can be very deep rooted and can affect your ability to attract and maintain relationships. If you have the belief that everybody leaves then you can subconsciously attract those who do leave.

RTT can help release all these fears and negative beliefs. We work on loving yourself first and foremost by transforming beliefs that you are not enough to empowering you to know you are more than enough and when you are approaching life with this mindset you will draw in the right relationship for you.