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What is RTT?

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a science-based, powerful, innovative multi-award winning hybrid therapy which combines the most effective principles of hypnotherapy, NLP (neuro-linguistics programming), CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), psychotherapy and neuroscience. RTT offers fast, achievable and ‘transformational’ results. It was developed by the highly acclaimed UK therapist, Marisa Peer, who perfected the method over 30 years. RTT accesses the subconscious mind, through hypnosis, allowing us to find the root cause of any mental, emotional or physical issue, pattern or behaviour. Once this is uncovered and we become aware and understand how your issues were formed, we then reprogram and upgrade your limiting beliefs and mindset, providing complete freedom and transformation. The great news is  that this can all be done in the comfort of your own home.

Watch this short animation to learn more about this pioneering and transformational therapy:

RTT from the  comfort 
of your own  home…..

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Because Rapid Transformational Therapy® is a complete solution based approach, it can be used in many different ways. Phenomenal success can be achieved in any area, helping people overcome all kinds of challenges, including physical health issues, infertility, depression, anxiety, weight management, addictions, self-sabotage, imposter syndrome, money and career blocks, fears and phobias and so much more.

Rapid Transformational Therapy gets the client in touch with the subconscious part of their mind that is holding them back and liberates them through a mixture of tools. Depending on what the client’s end goal is, the used techniques will help the client to  make key self-realisations which will help them to close that part of their past and move forward.

9D Breathwork

What is 9D Breathwork and what are the benefits?

9D Breathwork is a revolutionary multi-dimensional, immersive sound and healing experience. It is like the ferrari of breathwork which incorporates:

#Binaural beats,

#Isochronic brainwave tones,

#Solfeggio frequencies,

#432Hz harmonic tuning,

#Somatic breathwork,

#Subliminal hypnotic therapy,

#Guided vocal coaching,

#Bioacoustic sound effects 

Try a variety of breathing techniques and exercises that can be used to improve our physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual health. It exists in a variety of forms; there are ancient practices, such as Pranayama, and more modern techniques like Conscious Connected Breathing, Shamanic Breathing, Wim Hof Breathing, Transformational Breath, Box breathing, Circular breath, Alternate Nostril breathing, Buteyko breathing, Rebirthing breathwork, Vivation and Holotropic Breathing. While some of these practices are more complex than others, in essence they have the same health benefits and can be easily worked into your daily wellness routine.

So why is breathwork important? Apart from being a relaxant, breathwork has also proven to offer a wide variety of health benefits. This makes it one of the most natural methods of treating a variety of issues. 

Scientific benefits of breathwork:

1. Reduces stress and anxiety

Breathwork has been scientifically proven to regulate the nervous system, helping to relax from fight-or-flight responses following stressful situations and ground in the present moment.

2. Increases energy and boosts immunity

Different breathing techniques can increase your energy levels and boost your immune system, contributing greatly to your overall health. Daily breathing practices help refuel our cells so our body functions more effectively.

3. Lowers blood pressure and improves circulation

Breathwork has been proven to regulate your blood pressure and improve your blood circulation throughout your body, and even help in the treatment of hypertension (high blood pressure). Practicing slow, deep breathing exercises regularly is a great natural method for helping to calm the sympathetic nervous system and help activate the parasympathetic nervous system which reduces blood pressure and can prevent heart disease.

4. Helps manage pain

Deep breathing has been credited as a very successful method of pain management. Focusing on your breath provides a method of distraction and relaxation. Breathwork contribute to a positive change in mood, which is beneficial for those experiencing any kind of physical pain.

5. Strengthens lungs

Breathwork is great for those who want to improve their lung health and improve breathing capabilities. Those with chronic lung conditions, like COPD and asthma, will greatly benefit from practicing breathwork.

6. Improves mood and self-esteem

Practicing breathwork can improve your mood and build your confidence, self-esteem, self-image, and self-love. Those struggling with negative thoughts and feelings, especially self-directed ones, can use breathing techniques to help ground them in the present moment. In addition, the relaxing sensations help to build a sense of peace. Breathing can help us feel happiness, joy, and gratitude, while also helping us to feel better about the way we see ourselves.

‍7. Releases toxins

Controlled breathing exercises help you release toxins in your body. As we breathe throughout the day, we tend to breathe in all pollutants that are in the air. Learning how to breathe properly allows us to help new toxins leave, while also alkalizing our blood’s pH level, improving our lymphatic system and generate more oxygen-rich blood which helps us avoid many illnesses.

‍8. Improves sleep

Regularly practicing breathing exercises can help regulate your energy levels so you can properly fall asleep. Many exercises can also help you settle down for the night, or quickly fall asleep, on nights when you’re having difficulty doing so. Breathwork is one of the top recommended natural sleep aids, and can also be helpful for those struggling with insomnia.

9. Helps manage depression

Breathwork is an effective way to manage depression. Its ability to alter one’s mood and help ground people in the present is incredibly helpful in working to improve emotional well-being and practice gratitude. Many advanced breathwork methods focus on healing, which can also be very therapeutic for those struggling.

‍10. Increases muscle tone

Many athletes have turned to breathwork due to its ability to help increase muscle tone throughout the body. It’s also a great way to focus on strength and conditioning. Practicing breathing exercises regularly can help increase your strength all around, making physical activities easier to do.

‍11. Helps heal from trauma and manage PTSD

Breathing exercises can alleviate past trauma which is stored in the body and manage PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Breathwork’s ability to help us relax makes it great for dealing with trauma triggers or highly stressful emotions as they arise. Many advanced breathwork methods can also be used as guided healing experiences. This makes them useful for those who want a mindful way to move forward with their lives.

12. Improves digestion

Those who struggle with digestion will also benefit from regular breathwork. If you’re dealing with digestive problems, including constipation, diarrhea, and IBS, breathing exercises can help. They relax you and get your blood circulating enough to help improve all of your bodily functions. They’re also effective whether your digestive issues are random or occur regularly.

13. Helps to overcome addictions

Breathwork has also become more common as a therapeutic tool for treating addiction, especially when paired with 12-step programs or other varieties of therapy. Breathing exercises and techniques are great at helping users achieve a sense of calm and focus that can help them fight cravings. Many say they achieve a great sense of control and self-awareness when practicing breathwork regularly.

14. Improves focus

Those who struggle with their level of focus have also turned to breathwork. Practicing breathing techniques when you’re struggling to pay attention can help increase your attention span. It can also calm any emotions that are distracting you the most.

‍15. Increases creativity

Breathwork is associated with artists and other professionals for its ability to help them create. Regular breathing exercises can be a crucial part of a creative’s routine, as it allows them to relax and clear their mind. This lets new ideas begin to develop and flow. It’s also incredibly helpful for situations where people need to problem-solve.

My Story

Hi, I’m Aoife. I am so passionate about the work I do because I know it works, it works ‘rapidly’ and the change is truly ‘transformational’. My mission is to relay the knowledge I have learned while training with the highly acclaimed Marisa Peer herself. I will help bring you success by using proven techniques to find what’s holding you back from reaching your full potential, I will guide you on a journey of self-discovery and equip you with the tools to heal yourself.

As an educator for the last 20 years I have encountered a wide range of psychological difficulties and mental health challenges that people are struggling with on a daily basis. There is so much unnecessary pain and suffering, finding the root cause of what holds us back from leading our best life is the most liberating feeling. 

I know first-hand how miraculous Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is because it has transformed every area of my life, from unhealed childhood trauma and PTSD to relieving anxiety, phobias and chronic pain. My healing journey has literally been a deep dive into all that has kept me stuck and repeating the same patterns. I was so impressed with the improvements in my life and how effective RTT is, I felt guided to train as a therapist with the world renowned Marisa Peer herself.

We are all programmed from the day we are born. Initially we develop our values and beliefs from our primary caregivers. As we grow older our external environment plays a part in programming the thoughts, patterns and beliefs we have. School, work, relationships, friends, social media, what we listen to, life experiences, all influence how we perceive ourselves; most of the time without us consciously realising. Years of internalising these different influences can often mean we are unconsciously self-sabotaging or running on others beliefs about us. This can have a detrimental effect on reaching our full potential. If we carry any unresolved issues with us we are vulnerable to disease and mental health issues.

I help clients, by accessing their subconscious mind and getting to the root cause of an issue, this is really the key to changing limiting beliefs formed through years of programming. This is truly where the transformation for people takes place, it is so transformative, so liberating and so healing. 

I work with anyone and with any issue, the beauty of RTT is that it can tackle any problem, be it mental, physical or emotional. My area of special interest is working with domestic abuse and trauma survivors. I have seen such profound transformations for people that have suffered so much. It is so rewarding to help people rise and thrive from difficult situations and begin to live their best lives again.

In addition to my qualifications as a Licenced Hypnotherapist and RTT Practitioner, I am also a Certified Breathwork Instructor™ and Reiki™ and Access Bars™ Practitioner. I use all modalities within my practice and tailor my sessions to suit my clients needs.

Frequently Asked Questions?

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Client Testimonials

Here’s what some of my beautiful clients have to say, check out my instagram and facebook page to view more.


Leeds, UK

Aoife is so warm and I instantly felt comfortable and safe with her. She is compassionate, understanding and genuinely caring. She really helped me get clarity about my issue and did an amazing session for me. She helped me understand when and how I got my issue and how to get rid of it and heal from it. I feel so different now, lighter and happier. My transformation recording is so beautiful, I love listening to it. Thank you so much Aoife, I will always be grateful for your help.


Leinster, Ireland

I had a session of hypnotherapy with Aoife. I must say, she changed my thoughts about myself. After coming out of a very abusive marriage, I had no confidence, no self-worth. After one session and listening to the transformation tape for 21 days (I must admit I still listen to it sometimes at night), I now have the capability to change my thoughts. My self-esteem and confidence has changed, I now live life to the full. Instead of negative thoughts I have positive thoughts. I now believe I am enough, I am loveable and I am worthy of having a great life from now on. This has changed my mindset. I will be forever grateful to you Aoife.


Cork, Ireland

I am a sexual abuse survivor (I used to say victim). I have suffered from depression and anxiety all my life. I had no self-worth, I am over-weight, a chain smoker, heavy drinker and a bit of a recluse. I found it very difficult in social settings unless I was drinking and I’ve never really had an intimate relationship. Aoife showed me how to take my power back, how to believe in myself, how to rise and thrive, love this name. I am forever indebted to her, in just a few short months she has done more for me than years of counselling, it’s just pure magic what she does. I believe in this woman so much because she believed in me when I didn’t even believe in myself. RTT is amazing, Aoife is even more amazing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Aoife. x


London, England

Aoife’s RTT session with me was wonderful. I felt so calm and completely guided throughout the entire journey. I realised where my blocks around money come from and I’m starting to see the benefits of our session play out in my life. Money and opportunities are starting to flow more easily to me. I would recommend a session with Aoife to anyone.

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