Quit Smoking

Join our ‘Quit Smoking’ programme and stop smoking with ease. Do you smoke for connection? Do you smoke for pleasure? When you think about these two questions ask yourself honestly, what connection do I get from cigarettes and what pleasure do they truly bring me? Then ask yourself are you committed to not smoking and if so why?

RTT finds the root cause to why you are addicted to smoking and this will surprise you. RTT works on the habits and beliefs that you have built around smoking, e.g. “I am stressed”, “I am grieving”, “I am on my holidays”, so therefore “I need to smoke” or “I might as well”.

We work together to figure out your personal triggers and permanently irradiate the role of cigarettes in your life. We find new healthier ways to deal with presenting triggers because life is life and triggers are unavoidable, smoking is avoidable. You will have the added bonus of a bespoke transformational audio to listen to if you have set backs, it’s ok to have moment of weakness, you will learn how to manage them. If you are ready to kick the habit once and for all, RTT is the answer.