Health Conditions 

Have you any physical health conditions and have tried going down the medical root without success? RTT and hypnosis can be an added therapy to help alleviate symptoms through two very powerful techniques used separately or in combination called Cell Command Therapy and the Healing Vortex. Both have amazing results.

Cell Command Therapy-

is the use of direct mental commands in hypnosis to influence the body at a cellular level. Communicating with affected cells directing them to heal and restore, to promote and accelerate the regrowth of cells to their perfect, natural state. It has demonstrated effectiveness for many different illnesses and conditions.

Healing Vortex-

will reset your body from top to bottom. It assists you in achieving optimal physical health and wellbeing and realigns your body and mind with its own natural intelligence. This hypnosis can work on all kinds of physical symptoms from joint pain to back pain, PPMD, PMS, IBS, to migraines.