To be in Alignment

What does it mean to be in alignment? 

To be in ‘alignment’ is to be in brain, heart and soul coherence. It is a state of balance that happens when our thoughts, our emotions and our souls desire are in sync and aligned with each other; all three are connected and communicating clearly. When we are aligned we vibrate at a higher frequency and we tend to draw in people and experiences that are on the same frequency. It is very easy to see when we are not in alignment. We literally feel out of whack and we are prone to negative thoughts and experiences. Our bodies create chemical reactions to indicate how we are feeling. Cortisol, norepinephrine and adrenaline are the three major stress hormones, the fight or flight chemicals that lead to anxiety, depression, anger, mood swings, etc. On the contrary, dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins are our happy chemicals and are responsible for us feeling good. When we feel good we feel connected, purposeful and happy, in tune with our true desires but when we feel bad we feel disconnected, discontented and experience a loss of passion or purpose.

You would think being in alignment is a relatively easy task; just be happy, think happy thoughts and feel happy. However, most of us are more out of alignment than in alignment the majority of the time. Internal belief systems and external circumstances can have a massive influence over our ability to be aligned. Most people aren’t even aware of the alignment process and just naturally find themselves aligned when life is going well and out of alignment when it’s not. But we can practice being in alignment on a continuous basis. How, I hear you ask? Once we quieten our minds we can tune into our higher selves and listen to our inner voice and wisdom. We can find our inner peace and step into our true being. In this state of awareness, we align with our true desires and our destiny.

Have you ever noticed that when you are truly happy lots of good experiences happen and everything feels like it’s working out for you? But on the other hand, when things are tough the bad vibes just keep coming? This is a prime example of being in alignment or out of alignment and is usually dependant on our internal dialogue; what we say to ourselves and external factors, like our relationships, work environment, where we live, etc. Of coarse we can rely on external factors to have control over our state of alignment but then we give our power and energy away. We have the ability to get ourselves into alignment, stay in alignment the majority of the time and easily get back into alignment when situations knock us out. Practicing breathwork, hypnosis or meditation is the answer, or the easy answer. We can shut out all that mental chatter and tune into source, our higher self, our inner being. We do this by focusing on our breath and turning within, bringing ourselves into a relaxed and trance like state. The word breath translate in all religious and spiritual teachings as ‘the gift of life’ and for very good reason. It literally is. We can go without food for weeks, water for days but only minutes if we stop breathing. Our breath has every healing potential we need. Learning how to utilise it can empower us in so many ways. When we focus on breathing or meditating we are focusing on being in the now, being mindful, connecting back to source. It is the most effective way of getting into alignment and probably the most blissful. We might experience a feeling of wholeness or of oneness with the universe, the divine energy source.

We can also align by being in a state of ‘flow’ which usually comes when we are engrossed in doing something we love like creating, painting, gardening, making music, dancing, farming, etc. These activities make us feel good and if we hold a thought or create an action that’s in alignment with our true desire we will know by our emotions or feelings. Remaining in positive emotions allow us to manifest our true desires. If we become doubtful or allow negative emotions to take over we seize to manifest our desires. It is so important to tune into our emotions and feelings as they will always indicate whether we are in alignment or not.

Choose positive thoughts over negative. This can be easier said than done if we have been programmed to have negative belief systems in our formative years, or if our environment is a difficult one. Maybe we are in a dysfunctional family dynamic or relationship, maybe we hate our job but we are stuck in a cycle of working to pay the bills. Staying aligned can be challenging in situations like this. But if we commit to a simple 15 or 30 minute practice of breathwork or meditation per day you will see in a very short time new opportunities arise, you are drawn to people and experiences that feed your soul, you are more at peace and less reactionary to external factors, you have a sense of calm and a knowing that all is right in the word. You feel like you are on a higher plain spiritually, emotionally and intellectually, your awareness is fine tuned and you trust in your intuition, the decisions you make and the energies around you. So take 15 minutes, lie down in a comfortable position and just breathe, take long deep breaths and turn inwards, close out the noise around you and the mental chatter and listen to your body, your breath, your heart beat, the wisdom within. Then go out into the world with this frequency and align with your true desires.